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Trainer Spotlight: Kelsey

Trainer Spotlight: Kelsey

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Meet Charlestown trainer, Kelsey!

How long have you been involved in personal training and what made you decide to start?
2 years. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Everyone else wanted to go on to do Physio, EP or Personal Training, I wanted to create my own little niche so I didn’t have to compete with 100+ other graduates. So, I started up Physability – specialising in disability training.

Do you have a current goal that you’re working towards?
I am always working towards being better in myself and my clients inspire me to do that every day. For the business I’m working towards being an EP so I can become a provider for the NDIA.

What are your biggest highlights and achievements of the year so far?
Seeing all of my clients continuing to achieve their goals and always striving to be better.

What are your biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey? 
I am not perfect – no one is! Some may look at my physique and question how I am a trainer – but I have the knowledge and I live a happy, healthy life. I’m 6ft tall and have always been a more solid build. I always train and eat well, but like to live a balanced life and still treat myself.

Has your fitness routine changed since you started personal training? If so, what have you done differently and why? 
Yes, I now do functional fitness training which focuses on intervals and circuit based training. A similar training style would be the PowerCamp classes at Planet. I chose to change up my training to reach better results and push myself a little harder. I mix up my routines between cardio based exercises and resistance, introducing more weights and sport specific exercises related to basketball.

Have you found that group/personal training has allowed you to develop new relationships/friendships? 
My clients who participate in my class always have a smile on their face and enjoy seeing their friends when they come in. Personally for me – I agree – seeing friends makes you look forward to attending, keeps you motivated and comfortable in an environment that can sometimes scare people away. Personal training sessions are always made fun and my clients, although they’re working hard, still walk out smiling.

What was your perception of group training or personal training before you started working in the industry? Has it changed? 
My perception is that it’s a fun environment with great music. You walk in, follow the instructor for 45min and the time goes so quick, you don’t realise how hard you’re working. Personal training sessions can be daunting at first, but once you build a rapport with your trainer – I believe personal training sessions are most beneficial for everyone.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve his or her fitness, but isn’t sure where to start? 
Organise to have a session with a trainer – they will be able to correct your techniques, provide support and advice on how to change up your training to get the best results for you and what you want to achieve.
Don’t just use Google!

Weekly Fitness Routine:

Monday – Morning cardio circuit + evening basketball training
Tuesday – Morning resistance circuit
Wednesday – Morning cardio circuit
Thursday – Morning basketball training
Friday – Morning cardio circuit
Saturday – Morning mixed circuit
Sunday – Sometimes a beach walk (5-10km)