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Trainer Spotlight: Kelsey

Meet Charlestown trainer, Kelsey! How long have you been involved in personal training and what made you decide to start? 2 years. I completed my Bachelor Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Everyone else wanted to go on to do Physio, EP or Personal Training, I wanted to create my own little nich...


Cardio or Strength: Which Comes First?

Our expert sheds new light on this age-old, workout-stacking debate. Whether an order of importance applies to your workout has long been a source of controversy and confusion. To see the desired end, where to start—cardio or strength? One common theory has been that what you complete first is where...


I’m doing everything right, why can’t I lose weight?

So, you’re doing all the right things: exercising, eating healthy, watching your sugar intake, but you still can’t fit into your skinny jeans? Maybe you’re not doing the right kind of exercise or eating the healthy foods you thought you were. “Everyone’s health is different,” says personal trainer A...