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A Personal Trainer in Western Sydney Shares: Resistance Training for Beginners

A Personal Trainer in Western Sydney Shares: Resistance Training for Beginners

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New to the gym? We speak to a personal trainer in Western Sydney, Nabil Touma about the benefits of resistance training and how to implement it into your training routine when you’re just starting on your fitness journey. 

Nabil, Planet Fitness Personal Trainer in Western Sydney

What is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is also commonly referred to as strength training or weight training. It’s a type of physical exercise which uses resistance through weight to build strength, anaerobic endurance, and increase muscle mass.

It can be done using weights, or even your own body weight.

The Benefits of Resistance Training

Nabil, Planet Fitness Personal Trainer in Western Sydney, says there are many benefits to resistance training.

“Resistance training can help you increase muscle mass and muscle fibres, regulate the sugar level by helping insulin sensitivity, increase your bone strength, build self esteem, create more lean body mass, improve flexibility and balance, protect you from injuries, and much more,” Nabil says.

In addition, the more muscle mass you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is too, which means you are burning more calories even at rest.

Strength training is beneficial for women as well as men, and Nabil says it is essential to include it in your exercise program – regardless of your age or ability.

Common Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions around resistance and weight training, and Nabil, personal trainer in Western Sydney says he hears a lot of first time gym goers, and even those who have been working out for years mention the same concerns.

“Some people think resistance training will make them gain fat, which is not true,” Nabil says.

“They think that muscle will turn to fat if they stop exercising, or that weights will cause joint injuries.”

Women in particular worry that weight lifting will make them ‘bulky’. But, unless you are doing very heavy weights and following a calorie-dense diet, it is very unlikely.

Muscle and fat are completely different structures, so it’s not possible for one to turn into the other.

When it comes to injury, while it is essential that weights are used properly, and it’s best to speak to your personal trainer in any of our locations if you’re not sure, building muscle will help to prevent injury to joints – which is especially important as we age.

What Exercises Should I Start With?

If it is your first time attempting resistance training, our personal trainer suggests some simple exercises using body weight to start: push ups, squats, and walking and reverse walking lunges.

These simple exercises are easy, as well as highly effective, targeting all areas of the body.

If you’re in the gym and still unsure, any one of our personal trainers in Western Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast can show you these basic moves.

How Frequently Should I Be Doing Resistance Training?

Our Personal Trainer in Western Sydney, Nabil, says three times a week is ideal.

“Three times a week is great, as we need to give our muscles enough time to recover.  It’s also good to give 48 hours in between. So, if for example if you focus on training upper body one day, then the second session should focus on the lower body, which will give your body more time to recover.”

Want to Speak to a Personal Trainer and Get Started with Resistance Training?

We have personal trainers at all of our locations, including gyms in Western Sydney, Central Coast, and three gyms in Newcastle. If you would like to have a program customised for you, or would like to know more about resistance training, or about any other type of training, our personal trainers can help. Get in touch with us, or come and say hello to a personal trainer at your nearest Planet Fitness gym.