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Urth Fitness is the health & wellness gym, for U.

Our purpose is to provide accessible fitness within our community. How we fulfil that purpose is by offering an affordable, comfortable and welcoming gym environment that delivers fitness for all while also providing a greater sense of wellbeing- ensuring our community look after themselves both mentally and physically.

Our wellness promise to U.

If you have ever felt intimidated walking into a gym before, if you want a place that gives you relaxation and recovery options after your workout, a place that greets you with welcoming and smiling faces that also cheer you on and are proud of your progress, a social environment filled with people who feel the same as you, or just a gym where you feel you will belong- then Urth Fitness is the health and wellness gym, for U.

Urth Fitness has been family operated since 1994.

Formally known as Planet Fitness in Newcastle for 28 years, in November 2022 the local favourite evolved.
One man’s vision 28 years ago has now become a family legacy of dedication to health and fitness. Dallas’s daughters Montana and Gjenae were literally born into fitness (there are images of them as kids in all the gyms), and they are now leading this proud family business. The brand’s refresh & rejuvenation to Urth Fitness is from the family constantly catering to people’s needs and continuing to grow with member feedback. With more plans for the future, Urth Fitness is just getting started.

Our core values reflect who we are and what we believe in.


Urth Fitness really is a home. We strive to support, inspire and empower our members. We aim to mentor our staff and members and provide a foundation for which to achieve their ambition and goals at their own pace and in their own way.


We encourage our staff and members to uphold our company’s sustainability values by reducing our power usage, recycling, implementing paperless systems and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible.


We endeavour to deliver only the highest levels of customer service, equipment and training. We are honest and down-to-earth in our approach. We are trustworthy and expect our staff to demonstrate this everyday.


We believe health and fitness is a privilege every person should have the right to access. We endeavor to always remain financially affordable so that every person, regardless of socioeconomic status, can access fitness in their lives.


You have to love and believe in what you do. We are committed to inspiring and motivating the community by our raw passion for health and fitness. We employ our staff based on their intrinsic passion for the industry.


We have a heart for helping our community both locally and globally. We are transparent in our approach and aim to physically and financially assist communities reach their potential.