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Member Spotlight: Tammie Sharp

Member Spotlight: Tammie Sharp

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Hi, my name is Tammie Sharp. I didn’t have a weight problem until I was well into my 30’s. As the kids got older and life slowed down, my weight crept up. I’ve done the fad diets, and diet pills and lost the weight twice only to gain it back, plus some.

In April 2016, I found out my high school was having our 35th class reunion. At that time, I was 97kg. I started modifying my eating and walking to see if I could drop some weight before September 2016. I managed to drop 4kgs on my own. I must admit, it was a bit discouraging. 

In October 2016 my husband and I started discussing what we wanted to do for our 35th anniversary since it was only a year away. We decided to take a cruise to New Zealand. I continued to try and lose the weight on my own without much success. In January 2017 I was driving down Manns Road and noticed the banner at Planet Fitness for membership and figured why not, I wasn’t accomplishing much on my own, so I walked in the door and took the plunge!

First step was to take advantage of the free consultation with Mitch Peters and start a workout plan. I was weighed (94kgs), measured, and endurance tested. I also signed up with MyFitnessPal and started tracking my caloric intake to see how many calories I was consuming daily. 

About 5 weeks into working out 5 days a week I was coming home famished and tired, to the point of wanting to take a nap every day I went to the gym. A friend talked to me about getting a body scan done to find out my base metabolic rate to see how many calories my body burns naturally. Found out I was not eating enough so I met with a dietician. I was consuming about 1150-1200 calories a day. My body was naturally burning 1350. I was in a deficit before I even hit the gym. Once I started eating more I found I had more energy but was still dropping weight.

In May I joined the “Feel Great in 8” challenge with Mitch Peters. It was best decision I could have made! The classes were awesome, so much so I joined a second one with Hayley Stalgis. They teach you new exercises and instruct you on proper technique for each exercise. I found them to be very helpful and encouraging. It also increases your knowledge, so you can continue on your own once the challenge ends.

To date I have dropped a total of 15kgs. I’m still not where I want to be in my fitness level or my weight – YET! But with the tools I have learned from the trainers, and the support you get from staff at Planet Fitness Gosford I am well on my way to achieving my goals!