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Member Spotlight: Bec Schofield

Member Spotlight: Bec Schofield

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Hi everyone,

My name is Rebecca Schofield.

You may have seen me training 6 days a week either running up and down in the carpark or inside the gym training with my coach Sam Wainwright. For me it has been a year since I joined Planet Fitness Gosford in March of 2017.

When I joined I weighed in at 101.4kg. I knew from that moment that I had to change my life for the better. To be training 6 days a week since Day 1 has been the biggest responsibility and I was up for the challenge to do what I have always dreamt of doing and that was fitness!

I can now say as a highly recognised athlete in the club, I have finally made my dream a reality. I am now continuing to chase my dream of becoming a PT because I have always wanted to give back to those who have coached and mentored me until this day.

 15 March 2017  > 6 February 2018

Massive thanks to my mentor Mitch Peters, who has mentored me 2 years now. Mitch has continued to support me through my fitness journey by continuing to offer his support, guidance and motivation. To be mentored by Mitch has been the biggest opportunity and I will continue to work hard and make him a proud coach.

Thank you to my assistant coach Ash Porter, who continues to kill me every session. Ash has been my assistant coach for the last couple of months; she continues to offer her assistance to coach me even when my coach is away or on leave.

 Weight I started at 101.4kg | What I weigh now 78.45kg | Total loss of weight 22.95kg

From the trainers…

Bec is an energetic, enthusiastic and driven member of our Planet Fitness community! Training Bec has been made easier by her focus and drive. I am proud of her results so far and there will be more to come! 
– Sam

I’ve enjoyed working along side Bec and watching her progress weekly. She’s got a lot of determination and I know she’ll achieve any goal she sets. 
– Ash