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Planet Gosford’s Oldest Member – Killer Karl Lukk

Planet Gosford’s Oldest Member – Killer Karl Lukk

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Karl from Gosford is proud to be Planet Gosford’s oldest member, having recently turned 85 years old! Karl shared his life story with us…

I arrived in Australia in 1949 from Estonia as a 17 year old scrawny teenager due to lack of proper nourishment after the war. At age 19, I joined a gym and after five years of steady weight training I decided I was good enough to enter Mr Victoria Comp. Didn’t get a place but after another five years intense training, I came second in Tall Mans Division at Mister Australia in Adelaide 1959.

One day I caught an ad in the newspaper for two strong muscular men for a part of eunuch in an Arabian musical on stage “Kismet”. I went for the audition and got the part, the show ran for two years and toured everywhere in Australia. Afterwards I engaged an agent and from then, the roles just kept rolling in.

TV dramas like – Hunter, Consider Your Verdict, Everyman Homicide, Operas On Stage – The Bartered Bride, Peter Grimes, Theatre Restaurant Show – Hello Australia, Advertising Land Rover Cars in Melbourne “Moomba” Carnival also entered Chesty Bond competition for biggest chest expansion. I became a finalist and a small part as a American Sailor in Gregory Peck movie filmed in Australia called “On The Beach”.

Then Sir Robert Helpmann arrived in Australia to stage Noel Coward’s comedy show on stage named “Nude With A Violin”. He needed a big guy to play a part of a French Gigolo, Fabrice and I secured the part after auditioning.

After all that in my late 30s, I took up professional wrestling calling myself “Killer Karl Lukk”. That all lasted five years and then all of a sudden I decided to give it all up, that entertainment life and all long travels. I returned back to my trade.

In July this year I turned 85 years old. I still manage to attend Planet’s gym three times per week and two hour workouts are still in. So there, a message for my gym friends – keep pumping that iron and perhaps one day a talent scout will discover you and end up with an exciting ride.

Your friend, Karl Lukk.