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Planet Gosford’s Oldest Member – Killer Karl Lukk

Karl from Gosford is proud to be Planet Gosford’s oldest member, having recently turned 85 years old! Karl shared his life story with us… I arrived in Australia in 1949 from Estonia as a 17 year old scrawny teenager due to lack of proper nourishment after the war. At age 19, I joined a g...


Meet the World’s Oldest Male Bodybuilder

85-year-old Jim Arrington is showing no signs of slowing down Think your age gives you an excuse to skip leg day? Nice try, but California bodybuilder Jim Arrington strongly begs to differ. The 85-year-old has just been named the world’s oldest male bodybuilder by Guinness World Records, and i...


Basic Weight Training – 5 Handy Hints

Are you tired of going into the gym and getting on the same bike or treadmill every day? Or is running just not really your thing? Or maybe you feel fit but you just want to look toned or get stronger? Well, perhaps it’s time you gave weights a try! Weight training has many benefits besides just try...


What Your Core Really Is and How to Strengthen It

Crunches and planks aren’t everything when it comes to core strength. If you want to strengthen your core, you need to think bigger. Your core includes all the muscles in your torso, from your shoulders down to your hips. And it does a lot more than help you sit up. Why a Weak Core Is a Liability Th...