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Trainer Spotlight: Mitch Peters & Daniel

Trainer Spotlight: Mitch Peters & Daniel

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Meet Gosford’s member, Daniel and his trainer, Mitch!

How long have you been involved in personal training? What made you decide to start?
I started training with Mitch at Planet Fitness West Gosford in June, with the intention of making some changes to my lifestyle.

What are your biggest highlights/achievements of the year so far?
Now, a few months on I am 11kg lighter. We are looking at a new target now as our previous ones have been achieved and passed.

On Planet Fitness Gosford:
Everyone at Planet Fitness is friendly and helpful. This is a great place to work out at your own pace.

Daniel’s Stats:
– Lost 11.6kg (In 15weeks)
– Lost 60cm across girth measurements (23.6in)
– Mobility/Flexibility improvements
– Holistic training and nutritional improvements

From the trainer:
Dan is an awesome guy to have around the gym, he’s always smiling and bringing positive energy into our sessions.
He’s the type of guy that will go that extra mile for you and get the job done when things are looking tough. Well done Dan, you are a true inspiration!
Meet Mitch here.