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Trainer Spotlight: Mai

Trainer Spotlight: Mai

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Meet Gosford trainer, Mai!

How long have you been involved in personal training and what made you decide to start?
I’ve had a passion all my life to study and work in the fitness industry but did not have the chance to follow up on that dream until 2009. I completed my training with the Institute of Fitness in Parramatta and now I’m loving every minute of working in this field.

Do you have a current goal that you’re working towards?
My current goal is being an awesome role model to the clubs members and clients. This isn’t an end goal but more of a continuously evolving goal.

What are your biggest highlights and achievements of the year so far?
By far, the highlight of this year has been joining the team as a personal trainer at Planet Fitness in West Gosford.

What are your biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey? 
My biggest obstacle was going through my fitness course while looking after my two sons and working a full time job. With the help of my family I managed to successfully complete the course and was able to start my dream job.

Has your fitness routine changed since you started personal training? If so, what have you done differently and why? 
My fitness routine definitely changed since I started personal training. For example, I have learnt not only the correct way to execute exercises safely but have also learnt to identify and correct potentially dangerous or incorrect.

Have you found that group/personal training has allowed you to develop new relationships/friendships? 
Absolutely, even after moving from Sydney to the Central Coast I still have communication with my previous clients.

What was your perception of group training or personal training before you started working in the industry? Has it changed? 
I found that watching Personal Trainers whilst I trained myself was inspiring, so once I finished my course my perception hasn’t changed apart from having even more respect.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve his or her fitness, but isn’t sure where to start? 
My advice to anyone looking to get fit and strong is to book a personal training session. This will give them the opportunity to ask questions, use the equipment under close supervision and learn the correct way to complete each exercise in a safe manner. This helps prevent the client from learning bad habits from the beginning.

Weekly Fitness Routine:

I do weight training three to four times a week and cardio four to five days a week.

Look out for Mai’s awesome 8 week training program, details coming soon…