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The real secrets behind every diet that works

The real secrets behind every diet that works

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You’ve heard of clean eating, Paleo, the CSIRO diet, the Mediterranean Diet and hundreds of others.

These diets work – and the reason is they all boil down to 12 Naturopathic principles. With these principals you can unlock the secret to healthy eating and discover your true health potential.

By following these 12 principles, you will reduce your risk of developing one of the lifestyle-induced chronic diseases that have become increasingly common in our society today. These include heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even some cancers.

  1. Eat whole foods
  2. Reduce processed foods – processing alters the nutritional balance of foods and affects our levels of satiety.
  3. Avoid non-food dietary substances – fake foods like biscuits, chips, soft drinks and fast foods are full of additives and preservatives.
  4. Support gastro-intestinal health – healthy micro flora in your gut are essential to fat loss.
  5. Low-glycemic foods rule – all body types and health conditions respond positively to a low-glycemic index diet.
  6. Eat mindfully – take the time to think about the colour, smell taste and texture of your meal. Savor it!
  7. Correct food combining – the less foods mixed and the fewer varieties used, the easier it is to digest and the less tempting it is to overeat.
  8. Sit down! Never eat on two feet – digestion requires peace and happiness. Adolescents who eat dinner with the family are less obese than those who eat alone.
  9. Move after meals – everything that promotes health in your body responds well to exercise. Aim to move for 15 minutes every hour, and be conscious of time spent sitting.
  10. Your nutrient requirements change with age – less energy is needed the older you are, so you have less requirement for carbohydrates.
  11. Men and women have different energy requirements – one diet definitely doesn’t suit all, women need less energy than men. Also hormonal controls for men and women affect metabolisms differently.
  12. Get into the sleep groove – you need to ensure you’re getting both enough sleep, and sleep at the right times, to ensure weight loss.

Article and image sourced from Mullen Natural Health.