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Member Story: Shane Benson

Member Story: Shane Benson

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Meet Shane! In Planet Fitness’ latest Member Story.

I have been a regular at Planet Fitness for about 2 years now, and attending the group fitness classes at the gym has become part of my daily routine.  I have done most of them, including; Spin, Pump, GRIT, Yoga, Pilates, X trainer and the new PowerCamp Functional training.

Rewind 2 years, prior to my regular program with Planet Fitness, and I was a very unhealthy 140kg. I realised after seeing a photo of myself that the fact was that I was fat.  I decided enough was enough.  I had to sort myself out or end up dead from a heart attack before my 40th birthday (I am currently 37). So I decided to put to use the membership to Planet Fitness that I had signed up to a few broken New Year’s resolutions before.

And so it brings me to today and why I am writing this. I wanted to thank the staff and group fitness instructors of Planet Fitness, I didn’t and couldn’t have got to where I am today without their ongoing support.

I realised pretty early on that I worked harder and got much better results participating in the structured group fitness classes offered by the ever motivating instructors. Unlike my past experiences at other gyms, the instructors at Planet Fitness quickly learnt my name and always made me
feel welcome.

I have sweated it out in Spin, lifted weights to music in Pump, learnt to fold myself in half in Yoga and realised that Pilates is way harder than any core workout I did on my own in the weight room. For me though, X-trainer and Power Camp are my passions at Planet Fitness. I love the fact that it’s self-paced, both cardio and anaerobic at the same time and it doesn’t matter if you are fit or not – you get a challenging workout regardless.  The group fitness class sizes are small, so you get heaps of one-on-one time with the instructors, who tailor workouts to you personally and are always keen to push you that bit further.