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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Sam Wainwright & Steph

TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Sam Wainwright & Steph

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Meet Gosford’s member, Steph and her trainer, Sam!

How long have you been involved in personal training? What made you decide to start?
I started training a year ago with the intention to lose weight. I’d gained a lot of weight after having four children in seven years. Exercise and dieting began as a means to an end: if I wanted to lose weight, I had to exercise. It became much more than that when I joined Planet Fitness and started training with Sam.

How has your lifestyle changed since you started personal training?
Fitness is now part of my life and I don’t diet, I just eat healthily. The mental benefits of training helps me manage long term anxiety that I’ve suffered for a long time. I’m happier, calmer and more relaxed. As a mother, I am now fit and active and can keep up with my boys!

What are your biggest highlights and achievements so far?
I am accomplishing fitness goals with the help of Sam, who is a dedicated and versatile trainer. I’ve come such a long way since starting training with him in January. Sam is encouraging and motivating. His sessions are well planned and always enjoyable. PT day is my favourite day!

So far my fitness journey has been incredibly fulfilling: physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve made new friends, I’ve become stronger, I’m more confident and I am happy every day. I will never give it up, this is who I am now!

From the trainer:
Steph is a crazy, energetic, fun and hard working individual. I love my P.T sessions with Steph! She has a warmth about her that has seen her create a great gym community feel. As much as she ‘pretends’ to hate our sessions at the time, she always comes out after feeling like she just won the whole olympics. She is a legend and cracks me up! Such a pleasure to train.

Meet Sam here.