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Trainer Spotlight: Josh Drinkwater & Jennifer

Trainer Spotlight: Josh Drinkwater & Jennifer

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Meet member, Jennifer!

How long have you been involved in group fitness classes and/or personal training and what made you decide to start?

I’ve been working with a PT for 5 months and involved in a group fitness class for the past 6 weeks. 10 months ago I was diagnosed with chronic arthritis in both knees, which requires two knee replacements. Before undergoing surgery it is extremely important I lose weight, develop my body strength and prepare myself physically & psychologically.

What are your biggest highlights and achievements of the year so far?

I have lost 10kg and I have a strong fitness routine. Exercise has helped reduce stress/anxiety and improved my self-esteem and sleep patterns. I am physically stronger and can climb stairs without tiring, I am beginning to jog, I am able to sit on the floor and get up without assistance and I now understand how to use the gym equipment.

What are your biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey? 

The biggest obstacle was to trust my body. When I first began with my PT I was terrified I would do further damage to my knees. This was far from the truth. In fact, my exercise program has resulted in reducing pain, walking without a limp and increased physical and psychological strength. Developing a gym routine and knowing how to use the gym equipment were also challenges I faced. I didn’t know how to achieve my goals but Josh has developed a personal exercise program, which suits my needs and is helping me to reach my goals.

Has your fitness routine changed since you started group fitness and or personal training? If so, what have you done differently & why? 

Yes, I began working with Josh once a week and he encouraged me to go the gym as part of my weekly routine. So, I began going twice a week on my own following my exercise program. Now I participate in group fitness classes (boxing) twice a week which are run by my PT – I have just joined up for another round of boxing classes.

Have you found that participating in-group fitness or personal training has allowed you to develop new relationships/friendships? 

Absolutely, the group fitness classes are friendly, fun and challenging. We help to motivate each other while training by understanding the way each other feels and we encourage each other to ‘push a little harder’ to achieve our goals. Josh has created a very positive atmosphere. Over the past months I have developed trust in my PT. I know he has developed a program which will help me reach my goals. He listens, encourages and challenges me. Josh listens attentively to my concerns, and explains how I will benefit from different exercises. This has given me greater knowledge and understanding which resulted in trust.

What was your perception of group training or personal training before you started working in the industry? Has it changed? 

I thought having a PT would be intense but Josh is knowledgeable, supportive, professional and sets achievable tasks. He obviously enjoys being a PT and is almost as pleased as I am when I achieve a goal no matter how small.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve his or her fitness, but isn’t sure where to start? 

Visit your local gym and discuss your needs/concerns with one of the trainers. Also discuss with family and friends about the gym they attend. Don’t feel ‘dumb’ because you don’t know how to use equipment. Everyone starts at the beginning – you’re not alone. Talk to the trainers, they’re there to help. Join a class, I joined a boxing group. I had no idea what to expect or do. I found it fun, encouraging and challenging and have met a group of great people. If classes aren’t what you want, talk to a PT. They will create a personal plan, which suits you. They will listen to you, get to know you, show you how to use the equipment correctly and help you reach your goals.