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What is PowerCamp? The Fitness Class Gaining Serious Momentum

What is PowerCamp? The Fitness Class Gaining Serious Momentum

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Ready to turn over a new leaf and kick your fitness goals? Whether it be running a half
marathon or running around with your kids after work, an effective fitness class can get you
there. PowerCamp is a fun and totally addictive functional training class that will push your
fitness levels through the roof, regardless of how fit you are when you start out.

What is PowerCamp?

PowerCamp training facilities offer small group training classes that combine HIIT (High
Intensity Interval Training) and strength exercises for a fast-paced and incredibly effective
workout. Each workout lasts between 40 minutes – 1 hour and will push your perception of
what your body is capable of in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Regular PowerCamp workouts will improve your overall fitness levels, strength, functionality
and balance. Learn more about the 6 incredible ways PowerCamp will get you to your
fitness goals here.

The First Non-Intimidating Workout

At Planet Fitness and PowerCamp, we completely understand that for many people, the
biggest challenge is to just walk through the doors of a health club for the first time. We
pride ourselves on maintaining a non-intimidating environment that welcomes everyone to
work on their health, regardless of your current fitness levels.

Your trainers, and your PowerCamp family, offer levels of support and friendship that will
keep you motivated to come back week after week. It’s not uncommon that we see
“PowerCamper’s” grabbing coffee or lunch together, even going on holidays together!

PowerCamp Memberships

A PowerCamp functional training membership gives you unlimited access to PowerCamp
classes, as well as Platinum access to Planet Fitness health clubs. Our PowerCamp
training facilities are conveniently located inside our Charlestown health club and Gosford health

We have a range of short and long term memberships to suit your fitness goals. You’re also
welcome to try PowerCamp for a 20-day trial for $20. If you’d like to know more about our
PowerCamp classes, stop by Planet Fitness Charlestown, Planet Fitness Gosford, or Urth
Fitness so we can show you everything we have to offer you!

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