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Four Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer To Kickstart Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

Four Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer To Kickstart Your New Year’s Fitness Goals

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If you’re anything like us, this time of year you’ll be doing your fair share of eating, drinking and looking forward to even more, with a big side of relaxing come the Christmas break.

And it’s also during this time that you’ll be making a few New Year’s fitness resolutions and goals to undo it.

If this year, you’re serious about sticking to these goals, why not invest the help of someone whose job it is to make sure you do?

Whether you’re in Newcastle, Gosford, or Casula, there’s a personal trainer who can help. Here are 4 reasons why a personal trainer might just be the push you need to kickstart your health and fitness goals.

You Do The Same Thing Every Year

You know what they say: “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

If you’re finding yourself setting the same goals every year, and taking the same action every year – but struggling to meet those goals – that’s a very strong sign you need to try something new.

A personal trainer will be able to tailor programs to suit your needs. Unlike running on the treadmill or lifting the same weights everyday, employing the services of a personal trainer will help to keep your workouts varied and fun.  Want to do more cardio, lift heavier weights, work towards completing a full chin up, or even try boxing? A personal trainer can help.

You Tend To Lose Motivation

The new year starts off ok. You make it to the gym the first few days, but by mid Feb, your focus starts to wane.

The great thing about about a personal trainer is they keep you accountable. Although you might be inclined to let yourself down every now and then by missing a gym session, you’re less inclined to let someone else down – like your personal trainer.

They can keep you motivated by putting in place a training schedule for you to follow even if you aren’t working out with you, and by pushing you towards your health and fitness goals.

You Aren’t Seeing Results

It goes without saying, if you’re not seeing results, you’re probably doing something wrong.

A certified personal trainer spends many years  studying in order to be qualified, and knows what it takes to lose weight and build muscle. And while they have obtained this knowledge, they’re also experienced enough to understand what works for one person may not work for another.

Your personal trainer will work with you to personalise your program towards you and your fitness goals. They’ll help you track your progress, and then help you set in place new goals once your initial results have been achieved.

You’re Prone To Injury

Whether it’s from overuse or incorrect use, if you have regular issues with injury, a personal trainer is not a luxury – it’s a necessity.

A personal trainer will show you how to correctly and safely perform exercises and use weights in the gym. They can also show you how to build certain muscle groups to alleviate any current injuries and avoid injuries in the future. Chronic lifelong injuries are the last thing you’ll want to achieve at the gym – especially when they can be easily avoided.

Want a Personal Trainer in Newcastle, Gosford or Casula?

If your fitness goals tend to be thwarted by one or more of these issues, then a personal trainer might just be the help you need. Contact our team at your local Planet Fitness or head to our personal trainer services page to see if a personal trainer is right for you.

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