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MTAN: Moira Hill

MTAN: Moira Hill

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Meet Belmont’s Latest More Than a Number, Moira!

Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise?
Not really, but I have always enjoyed recreational activities.

If yes, what have you done previously?
Anything outdoors, I love taking my dog for a walk daily.

What brought you to Planet Fitness?
I originally joined because my daughter Maddy (pictured left) was a member and to recover from my foot injury.

Did you have a goal when you first joined?
To strengthen and recover from my injury and surgery on my foot. I also wanted to lose some weight and I have currently lost 6kg in 8 weeks.

Have you reached a goal or have you achieved what you originally set out to do?
Yes I have achieved my original goal and now I have set even more for myself. I am currently aiming to lose another 6kg.

What was your perception of gyms/health clubs before you joined? Has it changed after joining Planet Fitness?
I love Planet Fitness Belmont for its non-intimidating environment. The staff are friendly and always helpful. It is also very affordable which helps.

What are your fitness goals for the future?
I aim aiming to lose another 6 kilos by the end of the year and I want to keep working on my strength and
cardio fitness.

Biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey?
My foot injury and my self-confidence. I find that the gym keeps me focused on my goals and in a more positive and happy mind-frame.

Do you have sources if inspiration? If so, what are they?
My inspirational person is my Mum. She is my best friend, my rock and my kids are blessed to have such a loving grandmother. She is quite simply the best!

What is your weekly fitness regime?
I usually come to the gym every evening for 1 ½ hours. I love it as I use it as a form of meditation to de-stress from the day and also to help me sleep. It is my ME time.

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