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Member Spotlight: Mark Whitlam

Member Spotlight: Mark Whitlam

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 Hi, I’m Mark Whitlam!

I’m currently 2nd placeholder in the Southern Hemisphere for Masters and Grand Masters in bodybuilding. Looking at my starting pic you would never have thought it was possible, I certainly didn’t. But I turned 50 in June last year and decided to see what I was capable of. That’s when I chose to give bodybuilding a go and push myself beyond my limits. It is definitely NOT an easy path but what it teaches you is life changing. The mental focus, motivation and self-discipline required is beyond anything I had ever known. 

4:30am morning cardio, working all day as a stonemason, then gruelling gym sessions every day, plus strict dieting to keep growing muscle while getting leaner! It challenged every aspect of my life and I tackled it all head on.

It was NOT easy but I am blessed with a loving and encouraging partner by my side; she did all my food, kept me sane when I lost focus and took care of all the little things so I could stay on track with my comp prep. I have a killer coach, my kids and my family that all backed me 100% and I could not have done it without their love and support. Especially as the competition got closer and my food, energy and mental state all diminished. That was the hardest part, running on empty but still having to give it all 100% when I had nothing in the tank!

I could not be prouder of what I achieved but the absolute best thing to come from all of this is the amount of people from all ages and walks of life that have told me they’ve started their own journey because I have inspired them! That makes me so humble and honoured that my story has motivated others. I have learnt so much and I am more than happy to help or give advice to anyone that wants to have a go. I’m living proof that you are never too old and you can achieve anything you are prepared to work for.