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Member Spotlight: Laura Hayward

Member Spotlight: Laura Hayward

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 Hi everyone, 

My name is Laura Hayward and I’ve finally come around to sharing my journey. 

I’ve been a member of Planet Gosford for over 10 years. I’ve come and gone, I’ve been lazy, and I’ve worked really hard! 

I have gone to other gyms over the years but I find myself always coming back to Planet Fitness due to the attitude of the staff and members, I always enjoy the feeling of no judgement. 

I’ve finally lost 60kg over 2 years and still have a little way to go and toning is my main goal. 

I’ve decided to share my story to maybe inspire others but also to remind myself of where I’ve come from and to remain on track! 

The results helped me be a happier person in my workplace and relationship. I can paint my toe nails now all by myself, I sit lower in my seat and it’s quite funny how the simple things you take for granted and now just a joy! I love shopping, just ask my husband, I now finally have a Lorna Jane outfit! 

So to anyone else out there who might be struggling, my advice is just keep going! 

 “What an amazing transformation Laura! You have come such a long way and look amazing!”