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How to Make the Most of Your Local Gym Membership

How to Make the Most of Your Local Gym Membership

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While signing up for a local gym membership can do wonders for your fitness and wellbeing, it’s also a significant commitment. We’ve put together a list of tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

Set Clear & Achievable Goals

When you first sign up for a local gym membership, use this time as a chance to set fitness goals. The best way to make sure these goals stick is to make them as clear and achievable as possible. So, instead of something vague like ‘lose weight’ or something unrealistic like ‘lose 10kg in four weeks’ aim for something like ‘complete three 45-minute gym session per week’. Setting actionable goals will keep you accountable to maintaining progress and making the most of your gym membership.

Schedule Gym Sessions

If you’re struggling to find time to make it to the gym as often as you’d like, we always recommend scheduling gym sessions like appointments. Better yet, try our group training classes, with classes running throughout the morning and into the evening. Write down the times your gym session or class will begin and end in your diary like you would with a professional commitment, and make a habit of ticking it off once it’s done.

Most people think it’s much easier to find time in their day for fitness when they write it down next to all of their other commitments. And nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing a series of consecutive ticks next to the gym sessions you’ve completed.

Get Help from Personal Trainers

One thing we hate to see in new members, is a tendency to head straight to the treadmill and do nothing else. One of the major benefits of having a gym membership is being able to access a wide variety of gym equipment and incorporate variety into your fitness routine.

If you’re uncertain about how to use particular pieces of equipment, reach out to the personal trainers at your gym. They’re there to show you how to use equipment and give you advice on what to use based on your fitness goals.

Make Gym Buddies

If you notice someone going to the gym on similar days and times as you, say hi! There’s nothing better than having a few familiar faces to keep you motivated or give you a hand on the weights rack. At Planet Fitness, we pride ourselves on creating a friendly and non-judgemental environment where members can support each other in their fitness journey.

Wanting a Local Gym Membership?

If you’re currently looking for a local gym membership, you can read up on the memberships offered by Planet Fitness, or you can get in touch with our team to find out whether a Planet Fitness membership will suit you.

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