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Lacking Motivation to Get in Shape? Try Group Exercise Classes

Lacking Motivation to Get in Shape? Try Group Exercise Classes

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The colder months of the year have officially arrived, and it’s becoming that much harder to roll out of bed in the morning for a workout. If you’re finding yourself lacking motivation in the fitness department, our personal trainers will always recommend joining a group exercise class. Here’s why.

Social Motivation

Did you know that people who exercise in groups are often more likely to maintain a consistent fitness regimen? The habits of those around us tend to influence our own lifestyles, so being part of a group that commits to personal fitness provides a great deal of motivation. This also explains why working out in groups enhances the duration and quality of our workouts immensely.


Studies into the formation of habits show that some people require external accountability to maintain a new habit, that being accountability from friends, family, co-workers or anyone else who they’ll feel guilty about bailing on. The positive peer pressure that accompanies a group exercise classes provides a sense of accountability that a solo gym session lacks.

For some people, knowing that their fellow class members will notice if they they don’t show up, provides the accountability they need to stick to a routine.

Fitness Expertise

A major downside of doing your workouts solo, is that there’s nobody to tell you when you’re doing a particular exercise wrong, or when your form could use some improvement. This is especially important for those who are new to strength training or working out in general.

Having fitness experts by your side to help you optimise your workout will get you towards your desired results a lot faster, and will go a long way for preventing future injuries. The personal trainers at Planet Fitness can also give you information about which exercises will be best for toning your arms/legs/glutes/stomach or any other areas you want to target.

Structure & Variety

Anyone who’s gotten themselves into a gym slump will know too well that without proper planning, it’s very easy to spend an hour moving between exercise machines and not really achieving anything. Group exercise classes are structured to target specific areas of your body effectively, so you don’t have to worry about which combinations of movements will work best.

A good exercise class will change from week to week, or incorporate a few different styles of exercise. For example, our PowerCamp workouts at Planet Fitness Gosford and Planet Fitness Charlestown combine strength training with high intensity interval training. Having variety in your workouts will keep you on your toes and challenge you to push yourself.

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