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Are you getting the most out of your membership?

Are you getting the most out of your membership?

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Hands up those of you who’ve followed through on your intention to get fit and finally made the commitment to join a gym? – Well done, you!

You’ve got a shiny new membership card, a wardrobe full of brand spankin’ new activewear and a mindset that’s so positive and determined, ain’t nothing gonna’ break your stride. Here are five ways to make sure you get the maximum ROI (return-on-investment) on your new gym membership.

Have a goal
First things first – have a goal. Think back to the reason you signed up in the first place. Was it so you could enter a fun run or half marathon? Lose a couple of sneaky kilos? Want to tone up? Looking for a way to increase your energy? We’re all so different and whatever your goal may be, giving purpose to your workouts by setting a deadline for what you want to achieve, and working backwards to create an action plan is the best way to go about it. That way, every time you walk through the doors of your gym, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to get the results you’re looking for. Not sure where to start? Don’t be afraid to book a session with a Personal Trainer to design a fitness plan that’s right for you.

Find your zen
Rest days are part of every smart training program, but that doesn’t give you license to pop your feet up on the couch and snooze the day away. Active recovery – that is, lower intensity movement – gets the blood flowing to boost recovery, transport nutrients to where they’re needed, and clear any lactic acid that’s accumulated in your muscles during a strenuous workout. Try one of our wellbeing classes – they’re perfect for helping you make a little ‘me time’, while reconnecting your mind to your body.

Hit the weights section
Walking into weights section of a gym can be intimidating at first, so chat to one of our friendly staff or trainers on where to start. The benefits of lifting weights far out way the initial intimidation. A super toned body, greater core stability, improved bone density and a boost in upper body strength when schlepping your shopping bags – far outweigh the fear factor. If you’re lacking confidence, enlist in some personal or small-group training sessions to familiarise yourself with the area. It’s not that scary once you get started, promise.

Combine catch-ups with crunches
Having a gym-buddy is a sure-fire way to get more from your membership. They’re particularly good at motivating you (or should we say guilt-tripping you?) into showing up for early morning workouts and signing up for classes you otherwise wouldn’t try.

Get involved
Take note of promo posters in-club, check out our emails, follow our blog and ‘like’ our Facebook page and Insta-feed. You’ll not only get a steady stream of fitness inspo and know-how, but you’ll also get to stay in the loop of new events, programs and challenges you can take part in.

Article sourced from Move Nourish Believe.