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Why You Should Try A Group Fitness Gym Class (At Least Once)!

Why You Should Try A Group Fitness Gym Class (At Least Once)!

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If this year you want to release more of those feel-damn-good brain hormones (endorphins), then moving your body in a different way could be the answer. Apart from the obvious health benefits, a Group Fitness class is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone if you haven’t tried one before. If you’re a gym regular, then maybe you should finally join that new Boxing class you keep telling yourself to go to.

Why should you give it a go?


Motivation Loves Company: Being in a group environment is extraordinary motivation. You have a class of people who are all working towards a similar goal- to survive the next 45 mins! There is an overwhelmingly positive and encouraging atmosphere constantly being felt, and your instructor is there to help everyone with their technique and feel comfortable. We find that many people are too scared to join a gym, or a gym class, as they feel people are judging them. This is absolutely not the case, as each person is in fact completely focused on themselves and their own fitness challenges. Once you give yourself the chance to walk in and settle into the supportive Group Fitness space, you will feel your nerves decreasing, and you can start physically reaching deeper and working harder.


Your Body Will Thank You: Moving and challenging your body in a new way will improve the way your muscle’s function and recover, you’ll feel more energetic and less prone to becoming burnt out, and you will sleep better. You may feel sore for a day or two, but this is completely normal. More movement, repetition and stretching will aid in your body’s recovery, and over time it will get easier and your body will get stronger.


A New Hobby: How many people have added “Try Something New” to their New Year’s Resolutions? This could be it! A Group Fitness Class is an excellent way to spice up your fitness routine, learn new skills and techniques, and have fun all in one. Taking time for yourself to develop a new hobby is rewarding for the brain, as it sharpens the mind and your cognitive functions. Physically, picking up a new fitness-based hobby will increase your self-confidence and release any stress related feelings associated with the guilt of not picking up a new hobby last year…or the year before…


Be A Part Of A Community: You will meet like-minded people, with the potential to form connections with others and make friends. Planet Fitness has been a family run business since 1994, and everyone who attends the gym feels a part of the unique Newcastle Community it has created. As a Judgement Free Gym, our members can be comfortable and just be themselves, which enables a friendly and welcoming atmosphere inside of group fitness classes.

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Written By Gjenae Rosekelly