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UPDATE: Planet Fitness Tuggerah December 2018

UPDATE: Planet Fitness Tuggerah December 2018

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Hi Everyone,

Time for an update on the build progress with Planet Fitness Tuggerah, and boy, aren’t things well under way now. We have our trades in their working their best to get the job done and completed to a high level of standard. I have been working very closely with our new US business partner Tanner, who you will be hearing from a lot more in the near future. We are excited to have Tanner join us on this exciting journey.

The first goal we have- is to open the next generation fitness facility for Tuggerah NSW and do it properly with quality and attention to detail.

With Tanner joining our team, we have been extremely busy creating the new plans and developing the remodel for our Tuggerah store, in short – this is the primary reason for the delay in your club being opened. We’ve got no excuses just a lot of work incorporating the new design into our construction.

We are currently framing walls and installing plumbing in PF Tuggerah with tiling to begin next week and the fit out of the Planet Fitness Spa well underway.

After Tanner spending the last few weeks in Tuggerah, we are confident that it will be one of the most stunning fitness centres in NSW.

Tanner and his wife are in the process of relocating their family and members of their team to NSW and look forward to serving you and your family.

Given the upcoming holidays, the target for our opening is February of 2019, we know this may not suit some of you, but this is a date which will ensure we provide and deliver on what we’ve promised. A gym where you will be comfortable and welcomed in our judgement free zone and a tonne of equipment to cater for you and your general fitness goals.

As we progress further into the build and the New Year we should have some further clarity and direction on an exact date.
You’ve already been waiting for months now and, if I were you, I’d have a tough time taking Planet Fitness seriously. But for those of you that can stick with us, we will do everything in our power to make Planet Fitness Tuggerah surpass your expectations.

We will begin making progress posts regularly with photos so you can see the progress we are making, which we are super excited about and want you all to be as well.

As always, we are extremely grateful for your patience and your understanding.

Your’s in Health

Dallas Rosekelly
Director, Planet Fitness Tuggerah

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