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TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Sam Wainwright & Stalina

TRAINER SPOTLIGHT: Sam Wainwright & Stalina

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Meet Gosford’s member, Stalina and her trainer, Sam!

How long have you been involved in personal training? What made you decide to start?
I’ve been training with Sam Wainwright nearly 2 years. Sam has helped me to reintroduce an active and healthy life style back into my life.
Sam’s easy going character has made it easy for me to be inspired and look forward to my full on, fun and intense ‘torture’ sessions with him despite saying my favourite line during the training – “its heavy!”

Do you have a current goal that you’re working towards?
To this day I keep achieving and adding new goals. I’ve improved my self confidence, gained physical strength and endurance, which made outdoor activities and skiing more enjoyable.
Thank you Sam for the patience and fun that I’ve been having at Planet Fitness and look forward to continue and grow as person.
One of my long terms goal is to train with Sam on his physical level. “Anything is possible…”

From the trainer:
Stalina is an extremely dedicated, hard working person. If you have been coming to the gym, I assume you would have met Stalina at one stage. She is always up for a laugh and enjoys a hard workout. Always having fun with some banter! She has achieved some awesome lifestyle goals such as being able to improve her skiing and also perfect her simulated sky diving. Look for Stalina pumping the heavy iron!