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Trainer Spotlight: Kurt Palmer

Trainer Spotlight: Kurt Palmer

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Meet Kurt, A Planet Fitness Personal Trainer

How long have you been involved in boxing classes and personal training? What made you decide to start?
I’ve been personal training for a year, I’ve always loved health and fitness.

Do you have a current goal that you’re working towards?
Yes, always looking to change the lives of my clients for the better as well
as keeping myself fit and healthy.

What are your biggest highlights and achievements of the year so far?
Embarking on my first year as a personal trainer and seeing my clients get

What are your biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey?
Learning exactly how my body reacts to certain diets and training.

Has your fitness routine changed since you started personal training instructing? If so, what have you done differently and why?
Yes, I used to train for certain sports, now I train to keep myself strong
and healthy.

Have you found that instructing boxing and personal training has allowed you to develop new relationships/friendships?
Definitely, most of my clients have also become my friends.

What was your perception of group training or personal training before you started working in the industry? Has it changed?
I know it works, so my perception hasn’t changed.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to improve his or her fitness, but isn’t sure where to start?
I offer FREE 30 minute goal specific gym orientations. Just ask anyone at
reception to book in.

Weekly Fitness Routine:
Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Back
Wednesday – Core
Thursday – Shoulders
Friday – Party arms
Saturday – Posterior Chain
Sunday – Chest