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Working Out Without Worry: Tips For Using A Gym Crèche

Working Out Without Worry: Tips For Using A Gym Crèche

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Time at the gym wouldn’t be possible sometimes without a babysitter, nanny, daycare, or a stay-at-home partner. We know not all mums are lucky enough to have any of those, so some of our clubs come equipped with qualified child care staff to look after your little ones in our Planet Fitness Crèche.

Planet Fitness Gosford member, Anna Maslen has been using the crèche for about a year. “I’ve always felt totally happy to leave Daley in the capable hands of crèche staff. He smiles when he realises we’re walking up the steps into the crèche room. He loves all the toys. Sometimes he doesn’t want to leave!” For Anna, the crèche is a must and gives her peace of mind while she works out. But not all mums are so sure of crèche at first.

One of the hardest parts of returning to fitness as a new mum isn’t necessarily the tiredness or finding time in your hectic new life as a mum, but leaving your new little baby in the care of your club’s crèche.

At first a lot of new mums are hesitant, thoughts like “What if they don’t give him hugs when he is sad? What if she cries? Will they look after him with the same amount of love and care I provide?” might stop mums from working on their health and fitness after they have children.

Well, the answer to the last thought is a definite ‘no’ – no one can match a parent’s love. However our crèche staff are fully qualified child care professionals who will provide the very best care for your child, keeping them safe and happy while you get some much deserved “me” time.

Most mums have hesitations about leaving their baby in a gym crèche – even the experts recognise how difficult it can be. Maryann Beker, crèche manager at Planet Fitness Belmont, says as a mother herself she knows how hard it is to leave your baby with someone else.

“I always remind the mums that we are just up the stairs,” says Maryann. “If their child isn’t settling, we will give them love and cuddles until they’re happy. If they won’t settle with our cuddles, we just come out into the gym and grab Mum.”

She also reminds mums that kids adapt really quickly and usually it is harder for the mother than it is for the baby.

If you’re considering using the crèche for the first time, here are five tips to maximise the chance of a smooth transition for both you and your little one.

  1. Spend some time in the crèche

Julie Wojko, crèche manager at Planet Fitness Lambton, says mums should start out by staying in the crèche for a short period of time per visit to help their babies and toddlers get used to it. This will also help mums become comfortable with the crèche staff as they can see how they interact with the other children.

  1. Consistency is key

“Remain persistent and consistent with each visit,” says Julie, explaining that when it becomes part of a routine, the crèche and staff will become familiar to the baby. “Some people skip a few weeks and it can throw babies and young children out.”

  1. Start with short visits

Maryann from Planet Fitness Belmont says starting with short visits and gradually building up to longer times can help babies and toddlers settle into the crèche.

  1. Make sure your baby is ready

It may seem like a no-brainer, but try to schedule around your baby’s usual sleep/mealtimes. Maryann adds: “Make sure your child is fed and has a clean nappy when you drop them off.”

  1. Bring a comforter

Toddlers can benefit when they have something comforting with them, says Maryann – remember to bring their dummy, favourite toy or blanket to help put them at ease.

Planet Fitness Crèche is available for children between 6 weeks old and 12 years old. We provide a fun, safe and nurturing environment for your child. Our highly trained staff will give the care and attention your child needs while you enjoy time to yourself knowing that your child is in great hands.

Crèche facilities are available at Planet Fitness Lambton, Planet Fitness Belmont, and Planet Fitness Gosford.