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Trainer Spotlight: Renee and Mitch

Trainer Spotlight: Renee and Mitch

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Renee’s stats:
Total loss: 75.5cm across her girth measurements 
Total weight loss: 20.55kg

What made you start PT?

For a long time I felt uncomfortable in my own skin. I knew I needed to lose weight to improve my physical and mental health. Lets face it, when you feel fat, you feel depressed. I started PT with Mitch following having a coffee with my dear friend Robyn who had been  seeing Mitch for most of last year. She looked amazing after losing an impressive 30kg. I left her place and signed up straight away.


What have you achieved?

To date I have lost over 20kg. I have improved both my fitness and strength. As a child I loved  to run, so I am now able to run again which I’ve always enjoyed. I was able to fit back  into my wedding dress ( thats 20 years ago) and are now back down to a size 10.

What’s your goal now?

I have gotten to my goal weight, now my aim is to maintain that weight but increase my food intake. Another goal is to not get injured whilst training for the raw challenge this year.


Message from the trainer:

I’ve been training Renee for 6 Months now and in that time she has achieved amazing results. We started off by setting small short term goals, we aimed to achieve 1/2 a kilo weight loss a week and drop 1 dress size in 1 month. The ultimate long term goal was to lose 15kg in 6 months, which Renee has passed without looking back! The biggest reason I believe Renee has had such great success was because of her WHY! the reason that we set goals will determine if we achieve them or not! Keep up the good work Renee! – Mitch