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Put Down That Burger

Put Down That Burger

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Burgers aren’t always very good for you (shock!). They’re delicious, but they are putting more at risk than just your waistline.

Over half the adults in New South Wales and more than one in five kids are overweight or obese. Making unhealthy eating and drinking choices has become normal for most adults.

With increased waistline we’re running the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and type 2 diabetes. But the good news is even small changes can turn things around.

Like with burgers.

It’s not about giving them up, just maybe not eating them every day – and when you do eat them, make healthier choices so you keep the flavour but lose the less healthy bits.

8 Tips For Better Burgers

  1. Cut back on the fat by avoiding fatty extras such as bacon or processed cheese and creamy sauces like aioli or mayo – instead increase the taste with seasoning ( chilli, garlic, paprika, tomato salsa, grilled onions and peppers etc)
  2. Watch your size. A great tip is to look for a burger patty about the size of your palm. Any bigger and it’ll ramp up the salt, fat and kilojoule count.
  3. Skip the chips – a side of fries could add 50% more kilojoules to your meal.
  4. Try a leaner meat like chicken or turkey. To stop that getting too dry, add onions, peppers or shredded veggies to make it more moist.
  5. Mix up your toppings – Load up on healthy fillings such as mustard, salsa, avocado, and as much salad as you like. Red onions, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot and beetroot mean you won’t lose anything in taste from your toppings.
  6. Use your loaf. Wholegrain buns or wraps work just as well, have more taste and are much better for you than the white, low fibre buns you get at fast food joints.
  7. Don’t assume “gourmet” burgers are healthier. They often have more kilojoules than fast food joints, as they’re bigger and more likely to have lots of extras as Choice research shows.
  8. Harden up. Ditch the soft drink with your burger. Water isn’t only better for you, it won’t add any extra kilojoules to your meal.

Burgers taste great. Making little changes mean they can be enjoyed without ruining your waistline and your health.

Make healthy normal. Help us reduce obesity by making great choices that make healthy a normal part of your day. For more info, check out www.makehealthynormal.nsw.gov.au