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Nutritional Hindsight

Nutritional Hindsight

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We all have moments where wish we knew things sooner, especially with topics as broad as nutrition. So, it’s comforting to know that even the experts have often learned the hard or long way. Australia’s leading nutrition experts reveal what they wished they knew 10 years ago in a kind of nutritional hindsight:

“Counting calories, points or almonds is soul destroying and listening to food rules like ‘don’t have carbs after 5pm’ or ‘eat six small meals a day’ can be counterproductive to your health. It’s far more important to listen to your body, focus on what you can eat (not what you can’t) and fill up on lots and lots of vegetables.”
Lyndi Cohen, dietitian at The Nude Nutritionist

“That the focus on low fat, high carb foods would be so damaging. When I studied nutrition we were taught this as the best known models to prevent weight gain and promote health but it doesn’t take long in practice to realise these diets do not work. Unfortunately that has been realised long after many people have damaged their metabolism a following these diets.”
Susie Burrell, dietitian and founder of Shape Me

“I wish I knew how to cook fish.  Fish is such a quick and healthy meal option, but I didn’t eat it much because I didn’t know how to cook it – now it’s one of my staples.”
Melanie McGrice, dietitian and author of The Pregnancy Weight Plan

“You can eat everything and still lose fat and gain muscle. Whole foods of course. And carbohydrates are not evil.”
Moodi Dennaoui, aka “The Diet Doctor” and BodyScience ambassador

“I wish I knew how powerful a non-weight focused approach to nutrition can be for improving health, wellbeing and performance.”
Ali Patterson, dietitian and ambassador for Sports Dietitians Australia

“I wish I knew more about the very strong link between the health of the gut and its role in influencing the brain and body.”
Katrina Mills, dietitian at Body Fusion

“Ten years ago I wish I knew how confusing food and nutrition would become. With the explosion of social media during this time, everyone is now an expert and we are being flooded with nutrition information and food marketing. It’s overwhelming for the consumer and hard to know who and what to believe. I think if I had known this years ago, I would have simplified the nutrition messages I promote sooner.”
Kate Wengier, author and dietitian at Foost.com.au

Article sourced from Nine Coach.