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MTAN: Robert William Fuller (aka Bobby)

MTAN: Robert William Fuller (aka Bobby)

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Meet Lambton’s Latest More Than a Number, Bobby:

Bobby has always been involved in fitness and exercise, playing Rugby Union and swimming as a child in Huddersfield England.

Bobby joined Planet Fitness Lambton 3 years after retiring, as he didn’t want to become a “lounge lizard” after always having active jobs.

Bobby loves coming to Planet fitness to stay active and healthy, he loves feeling great.

Bobby has successfully maintained 3 sessions a week for 3 years and is fitter, stronger and happier for it.

Bobby is inspired and motivated to stay young, fit and healthy. He rewards himself with a sneaky beer and a punt of a weekend!

It is a pleasure to have Bobby has a member as he lightens up the staff and other members’ days. Bobby is truly more than a number!

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