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MTAN: Morgan Jennings

MTAN: Morgan Jennings

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Meet Lambton’s More Than a Number, Morgan!

Unemployed – disability.

Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise?
Yes, before my stroke and heart attack I was in gym management, I did boxing and jujitsu, rode pro BMX and skated. I did remedial rehabilitation and sports education working with children with special needs.

What brought you to Planet Fitness?
HMRI (Hunter Medical Research Institute) brought me to Planet Fitness after a stay at Rankin Park – Dan used to have to help me upstairs!

Did you have a goal when you first joined Planet Fitness?
Yes, to lose enough weight to prepare for surgery.

Have you achieved what you originally set out to do?
Yes, I lost 75kg (170kg down to 95kg) to allow for spinal fusion surgery.

What was your perception of gyms/health clubs before you joined? Has it changed after joining Planet Fitness?
I have been to gyms prior to coming to Planet Fitness, they had unsupportive attitudes and low quality of care. Being mentally disabled, it can be awkward to communicate my needs, but I am happy now at Planet Fitness.

What are your fitness goals for the future?
Rehabilitation, to regain the use of my right side to allow for further weight loss to assist with health issues.

Biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey?
Blew out both knees at 36. At 42 I had a fall at work then had a stroke, causing paralysis of my right hand side. It removed my ability to walk, due to brain damage and I was unable to communicate for six months.

Do you have any sources of inspiration, what are they?
No, just the love of my life my wife, and my friends here at Planet Fitness who have helped me with my goals. Thanks to HMRI and the trainers at Planet.

What is your weekly fitness regime?
I do two hours every day. Monday I do full-body, Tuesday is chest and back, Wednesday is legs, biceps and triceps, Thursday is Hydrotherapy and back and chest, Friday is legs, Saturday is walking and full-body, Sunday is walking.

Favourite quote?
The one on my t-shirt, I’m always asked about and known for my t-shirts, they seem to make people laugh.
“Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, I wear my thoughts on a t-shirt.”

Written by Morgan’s wife and carer – Kylie. I am very grateful for this opportunity for Morgan, thank you!