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MTAN: Kathy Jenkins

MTAN: Kathy Jenkins

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Meet Belmont’s latest More Than a Number, Kathy!

Full time work.

Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise?
No, I haven’t really since I was 18 years old except for walking once a week if I was lucky.

What brought you to Planet Fitness?
I came to Planet Fitness as I have had a heart condition and was advised to get fitter after completing rehabilitation as it would help my condition. I had this heart condition since I was 39 years old so 11 years and had become scared to exercise.

Did you have a goal when you first joined Planet Fitness?
My goal was to lose 10kg and feel healthier.

Have you achieved what you originally set out to do?
I joined in June 2017 and through being committed to my goal, I have surpassed my 10kg lose to 18kgs since then and feel the best I have in a long time.

What was your perception of gyms/health clubs before you joined? Has it changed after joining Planet Fitness?
My perception was it was for younger people but have realised through coming it’s for everyone and that regardless of age we are all trying to be a better form of ourselves in some way.

What are your fitness goals for the future?
I will continue to maintain my fitness and still would like to continue toning and building some muscle tone to be stronger.

Biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey?
Two things; TIME as a full time working mum looking after teenage daughters, and DIET and eating the right things but allowing myself some treats.

Do you have sources of inspiration? If so what are they?
I have been kept inspired by the Planet Fitness team at Belmont. Kylie and Paul have helped me stay on track just with advice and a friendly chat.

What is your weekly fitness regime?
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays I do an hour of cardio and half an hour of weights. I do a minimum of 4 days at the gym and 2-3 days of 10km walk/run.

Favourite quote?
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.”


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