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MTAN: David Yager

MTAN: David Yager

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Meet Charlestown’s latest More Than a Number, David!


35 years young.

How long have you been training?
I’ve been a part of the Planet Fitness community for 2 years and have been training with Kurt Palmer for over a year. I have always played some form of sport since I could run.

How long have you been playing futsal?
First played Futsal when I was 15 years old, so about 20 years. I stopped playing at a high level for a few years to focus on work and family, but started playing seriously again 2 years ago.

Have you always been involved in fitness and exercise?
Yes. If it’s a sport I have played it. As a boy I sailed, played soccer, tennis, hockey, squash volleyball, futsal, and rugby league. Recently I have also started to coach futsal.

Do you have sources if inspiration? If so, what are they?
My family. There is nothing more inspiring then my family. The encouragement and support from my wife. The excitement and awe from my two young children. They inspire me to do them proud.

Favourite quote?
Always give 100% on the little things. Because the little things added up make big things.

Where has your futsal journey taken you?
When I first started playing futsal for Northern NSW we were new to futsal and struggled at National Tournaments. But through hard work from coaches and players, NNSW were the National Champions in 2016 and 2017. As part of that the Newcastle Titans futsal team was created. Because of our success we have been invited to compete in the European Futsal Associations International Futsal Club Cup in Spain. We will be competing against teams from around the world including Brazil USA and teams from Europe. The tournament will be held across 6 days. Due to my performances during this year’s National Titles I was selected to be part of the Newcastle Titans as a goalkeeper and assistant coach. This is the first time I will have the privilege to compete at an international level and I am very excited, as is the whole team.