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MTAN: Adam Mathieson

MTAN: Adam Mathieson

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Meet Adam, Lambton’s latest More Than a Number!

Have you always been involved in fitness or exercise?
No, I used to be really lazy. Up until a few years ago I was very unhealthy and inactive, drinking too much and eating too much processed food. I cringe when I look back at photos of myself and see how skinny and unhealthy I looked. I was lucky that I had some mates who were into weight training at the time who were able to pull me out of my comfort zone and keep me encouraged when I was starting out at the gym.

If no, what brought you to Planet fitness?
My work has a corporate membership agreement with Planet Fitness to help promote fitness for their employees and they are very well priced compared to other gyms. I love that it is so convenient for me being on my way home from work. The range of equipment and the size of the weights area is a big benefit to me as well. I have been to gyms in the past where the weights area is very small and awkward, which is never a good thing.

Did you have a goal when you first joined Planet Fitness? If yes, what were/are they?
My original goal was to put on size. I was 63kg when I started my journey with Planet Fitness and I was too self-conscious to take my shirt off in front of other people because I was so embarrassed of my body. My first goals were all about my weight, to get to 70kg, then 80kg, then 85kg. Over the last 9 months I’ve changed my goals to focus on the look and shape of my body, pushing towards a more aesthetic balance, although I feel as though I’ve still got a long way to go. The scales do still get pulled out every now and then but they aren’t a focus for me anymore.

Have you reached a goal or have you achieved what you originally set out to do?
Yes and I keep making new goals. When I started I kept my goals very small, like getting to the gym at least 5 times per week and making healthier food choices. A good tip is to keep your goals achievable within the next few months so that you don’t get overwhelmed with too much too quickly. Keep your changes small but keep thinking about where you want to be when you achieve your ultimate goal. I had hit a plateau a couple of months ago so I started training with Dan Kilpatrick, one of the Planet Fitness trainers. We have a good laugh and I’m starting to see progress again because I’ve been pulled out of my comfort zone.

What was your perception of Gyms/Health clubs before you joined?
Has it changed after joining Planet Fitness? I used to have that common misconception that people at the gym are stuck up and rude. You’ll find that most people are actually very friendly and are just like you and me. The more experienced people are usually happy to have a chat and offer advice if you’re willing to ask. If you’re not quite sure what you’re doing, ask the staff for some advice and the Planet Fitness trainers will be able to put you on the right track.

What are your fitness goals for the future?
To gain more muscle and shred the fat! I love that I have made eating healthy and exercising a part of my life. I use to say to myself “If I can just push through for a few months, then I can back off and just maintain my shape and size”. I can see now that it was the wrong mindset to have and that real results take time to achieve.

Biggest obstacles you have had to overcome on your fitness journey?
My biggest obstacle has always been keeping focused for more than a few months at a time. I’ve lost motivation, become lazy and given up so many times but I keep finding the motivation to get back into it again. Each time it becomes more of a permanent lifestyle and less of a temporary fitness change.

Do you have any sources of inspiration? If so, what are they?
My sources of inspiration are the guys and girls around me who have put in the hard yards to prove that it is possible to make changes in your life. I have had the pleasure of seeing lots of people work their butts off and see them come out of their shells both physically and mentally. It is inspirational to see a friend walk into the gym looking confident and proud, because we have similar goals to each other. Take the time to say hi to other members you don’t know, even if it’s just one new person a day. It makes a world of difference.

What is your weekly fitness regime?
Most weeks I will train 6 days, usually straight after work. I like to change my routine every couple of months to provide new challenges and to focus on different areas that may need more attention. A lot of effort also goes into preparing meals for the week. My wife and I will spend a couple of hours on Sunday meal prepping and planning breakfast, lunch and dinners for the week. It’s great to have a wife who is just as motivated as I am to train hard and eat healthy. We both keep each other motivated and on track.

Favourite quote?
“Everybody one day will die and be forgotten. Act and behave in a way that will make life interesting and fun. Find a passion, form relationships, don’t be afraid to get out there and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. Trust me; it’s a lot more fun that way”- Aziz Shavershian.