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Here’s Your Motivation to Get Fit for Summer

Here’s Your Motivation to Get Fit for Summer

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Can you believe it’s already September? Before we know it, the beach umbrellas and thongs will be coming out ready for another Summer under the Australian sun. And as the months get warmer and the clothing gets smaller, we all want to be looking and feeling our best.

But unlike the tabloids suggest, toning up takes longer than ten days. We’d say 12-16 weeks is a more accurate timeframe, so here are some motivation tips that’ll get you into gear now rather than a week before Christmas.

Get a New Playlist Sorted

First things first, a great gym session requires an equally great soundtrack. Set aside an hour to put together a playlist with all of your favourite pump up tunes. Whether you’re inspired by 80s dance hits or electronic bangers, great songs can make you run faster, lift heavier and bike harder. And they’ll make your workouts all the more enjoyable, which might just be the motivation you need to hit the gym.

Set Goals Now

We all know that setting goals is the best way to hold yourself accountable and get something done. But when was the last time you actually wrote down a fitness goal? Pen it into your diary and schedule your workouts like appointments. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of getting consecutive ticks next to the workout times you set for yourself.

Pick Rewards

Once you’ve got an end goal in mind, like 40 gym sessions in the next 3 months, add in a few milestones when you can reward yourself. For example, you might decide on booking yourself a massage once you hit 10 gym sessions, or buying a new outfit once you hit 20 sessions. Treating yourself along the way makes the process enjoyable, and gives you the encouragement you’ll need to keep pushing.

Fuel Your Body

If you’re feeling like Winter’s left you in hibernation mode with little energy left in the tank, take a look at the types of food you’re eating. If you’re stocking up on carb-heavy, salty foods that leave you feeling sluggish, start swapping in nutrient-dense, clean meals that will kick your body into gear. And remember that a toned body shape requires just as much effort in the food department as it does in the exercise one.

If you need any more advice on how to get your fitness mindset sorted before Summer, the personal trainers at Planet Fitness can give you plenty of advice on how they stay motivated.