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Member Stories: Kevin Tunee & Coach John Wall

Member Stories: Kevin Tunee & Coach John Wall

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Planet Fitness Gosford is lucky to welcome two athletes into our amazing fitness family!

From Kevin’s Coach, John Wall: “Kevin Tunee is definitely on his way to being the Fastest being on the Planet! He is currently training for the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane in 2018 and the Olympic Games in 2020 in Japan.

It is definitely a commitment to ongoing perfection, and the discipline required to achieve representation for Australia in International events. However, with the brilliant facilities at Planet Fitness in West Gosford I am sure he will achieve his goals.

When I found this place and met the people, I thought this is a great gym. I had to get my coach down to take a look. – Kevin Tunee

As his coach I am committed to bringing him to a place where he can develop his strength profile, his dynamic power and mind focus. Kevin is a gifted athlete, competing for Mingara Athletics Club and for the next few months he will be racing in and around Sydney to hone his skills.

Planet Fitness is an exceptional environment for his development and I was extremely impressed with your current facility. We’re looking forward to working with Planet Fitness to see Kevin through to the future.

About the Coach: John Wall 

In 2009 (at 62) John won the 100m and 200m sprint in the Masters World Championships, he was also a gold medallist in the Australian relay team.

In 2011, John was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. After some initial setbacks, John powered forward winning the 100m and 60m in the Oceania Masters Athletics in 2014 (at 67).

“I don’t want to know how long I have. My head-space is that I want to live as long and productively as I can. Anyone can do what I do. I say to anyone who has cancer, do not limit yourself to a label somebody gives you.” – John.