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Better your relationship with food

Better your relationship with food

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If there’s one thing that is never fun, it’s feeling powerless over your relationship with food.


I know the torment of having a secret love affair with food.

And I also know that there’s not enough chocolate coated goji berries in the world to soothe that kind of pain.


It’s dark.

You feel hopeless.

And it seems as though the only way to escape it is to do more of the one thing that is causing the pain…



But there is a way out.

There is always a way out.

We were just never told where to look for it.


Rearranging your external world with diets, points and shakes will never fix an internal problem.


The issue is not your self control (or lack thereof).

The issue is not willpower, determination or motivation.


The issue is who you believe you are and, until you get that little issue sorted, you will always return to the place you feel most at home which, right now, is in a body that you’re not really on speaking terms with…..am I right?


Unless you are deliriously happy with your body, your weight and your relationship with food, it’s time to create a a better relationship with food.


Telling yourself stories like “next time”, not now” or “later” will only prolong the discomfort.


Because “next time” becomes “not right now” which, in all reality, is more likely, NEVER.


Achieving your goals begins with creating a ‘success’ mindset.

Here are my top 3 tips to get you there:

1. Replace self sabotage and resistance with focus and intention

2. Replace procrastination and delay tactics with action and momentum and

3. Replace overeating with body love and daily movement.


Basically, refuse to accept a life half lived!


Success (the real success that lasts for life) is absolutely possible for you.

But you have to take a chance.

You have to believe that what you want is possible and that it’s possible for you.


Success does not mean struggle. Success can be easy….. but only once you decide it is a natural part of who you are.

Information by Kylie Pax, Australia’s Emotional Eating Coach, article and image sourced from Move Nourish Believe.