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Five reasons to eat protein

Five reasons to eat protein

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We all know it’s important – but why should we eat protein?

We did a little research and have put together five top reasons to enjoy this vital food group.

#1 Protein is an essential part of fuelling brain cells, muscles, skin, hair and nails which are all protein-based body parts. When we consume proteins, they release amino acids during digestion which helps to make new proteins and hormones such as adrenalin.

#2 As we get older, maintaining a healthy intake of protein is vital as it enables greater retention of skeletal muscles, which we begin to gradually lose after the age of 50. Studies have shown that incorporating a good level of protein into your diet, combined with an active lifestyle can help to maintain muscle mass and strength.

#3 It’s important to eat proteins at specific times. Consuming a high-quality protein soon after exercising has been found beneficial as it gives yourself protein to burn straight away.

#4 Not enough protein is dangerous because it can cause protein deficiency which includes symptoms such as the wasting and shrinkage of muscle tissue, anemia and slow growth (especially in children).

#5 Contrary to popular belief, a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates does not necessarily result in weight loss. The best way to achieve optimum health is through a balanced diet made up of all food groups.

Ways to get your daily dose of protein:

1. Go natural with whole foods such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, beans and legumes

2. Eat a protein-packed snack. Carman’s Gourmet Protein Bars which contain more than 10g of protein per bar making them the perfect post-workout snack. Or, graze on the go! They are deliciously gluten-free and available in 4 flavours.

3. Enjoy a natural protein powder. We love a hit in our post-workout morning smoothie.

How do you enjoy eating protein?

Article sourced from Move Nourish Believe.