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Charity Pizza Party is coming!

Charity Pizza Party is coming!

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? Join us for a slice to raise money for a great cause at any of our Planet Fitness clubs ?

On Monday 11 and Monday 25 of September we’re hosting a Pizza Party at each of our Planet Fitness clubs to raise money for some important causes. Enjoy a workout and some pizza with staff, while raising money for a great cause in our Judgment Free community.

To find out more about your local Planet Fitness Pizza Party, follow the links below.

Beyond Blue Pizza Party at Planet Fitness Lambton

Men’s Shed Pizza Party at Planet Fitness Charlestown

Firies Climb for MND Pizza Party at Planet Fitness Belmont

Yarran Early Intervention Centre Pizza Party at Planet Fitness Gosford

Sydney Children’s Hospital Pizza Party at Planet Fitness Casula

Each club is raising money in September for a charity of each club’s managers choosing.

Why a Pizza Party?

At Planet Fitness we believe it’s realistic and okay for people to enjoy a slice of pizza every once in a while in moderation. Nothing brings people together more than free food, so to support a great cause AND to show our members that it’s ok to reward yourself from time to time with your favourite food, we have decided to host two Pizza Parties at each club this September. We are a Judgement Free environment, and believe no one should feel guilty or ashamed about eating something not healthy, in moderation of course.

Won’t that undo all of my hard work?

While at its core, the simple equation for weight loss is calories out > calories in, that doesn’t mean that your health is as elementary as adding and subtracting. If you go crush a heavy lifting workout, noshing on pizza afterward isn’t going to undo the strength gains you just made. Ditto for improving your endurance during a run or exercise class, or getting more flexible during yoga. (Plus you need “cheat days.”)

We know it’s not as healthy as a protein shake or feeding on clean whole foods to fill your post-workout nutrition needs. But that doesn’t mean you’re undoing anything—even if the calories you just ate in pizza equal more than the calories you burned on the elliptical. We repeat: YOU CAN’T ‘UNDO’ A WORKOUT.

“When you train hard, it’s only natural to reward yourself from time to time, even if that means post-workout pizza,” says Sarah Mattison Berndt, M.S., R.D., nutrition advisor for Complete Nutrition. “Although a savory slice provides extra calories and isn’t the cleanest recovery fuel, noshing on pizza isn’t going to nullify all of your hard work if you aren’t doing it all the time. In fact, it may help you to feel more satisfied and ditch feelings of deprivation that could otherwise build up to a blow-out.”

“Health is all about balance and the big picture,” she says. “Staying active and enjoying your favourite foods in moderation can boost motivation and support a healthier and happier you!” (However, that doesn’t change the fact that diet is the most important factor for weight loss.)

At the end of the day, we just want our members to enjoy coming to Planet Fitness.