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Picking a Health Club – Our Advice

Picking a Health Club – Our Advice

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Weighing up pros and cons of a few different health clubs? Make sure you keep the following points in mind.

Find a Health Club with Perks

While investing in your health will pay off in more ways than one, signing up for a health club is a significant financial commitment. So, make sure you find a health club that gives you as much value for money as possible. Whether that value comes in the form of free group classes, member rewards, child care or an on-site spa, pay close attention to the perks offered by your health club and whether or not you’re likely to take advantage of them.

Check the Contract

One of the most common reasons for health club dissatisfaction revolves around contracts. We’ve all heard of that friend who thought they were getting a great deal at their local gym, only to find out that they were locked in for an unreasonable amount of time. Before you sign up to a health club, make sure understand what joining fees and cancellation fees there may be, your contract length and the terms and conditions associated with your membership.

Look at Cleanliness

Once you’ve got a shortlist of potential health clubs, see if you can arrange a quick tour of the health club’s facilities. When you have a look around, pay close attention to how clean the equipment and general facilities are. You’ll want to find a health club where members are respectful of others, and clean up after themselves after a good sweat session.

What’s the Vibe?

Speaking of members, another thing to take note of on your health club tour is the general vibe among members. If you notice an atmosphere of competitiveness and that’s something you thrive on, great. If you’d prefer a more supportive, laid-back gym, find one with a focus on fostering a non-judgemental environment.

Some people love gyms with a focus on fitness and strength, others prefer health clubs with a more holistic view of health. So ask plenty of questions of the customer service representatives and personal trainers of your prospective health clubs to see whether their perspective on health and fitness aligns with yours.

Why Choose Planet Fitness?

Why choose Planet Fitness as your local health club? With affordable and flexible memberships, great member rewards, a huge range of fitness classes, spa facilities, an expert team of personal trainers and exercise physiologists and a commitment to providing our members with a non-intimidating and welcoming environment to work on their health and fitness, we’d love to chat to you about the reasons to become a Planet Fitness member. Get in touch with our team to discuss membership options.

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