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Terms and Conditions for Gift cards
  • Gift card recipient must not be a current Planet Fitness member.
  • Gift card recipient must be over 18 years of age.
  • When recipient comes in to Planet Fitness to redeem Gift card they will need to provide Photo Identification.
  • You can only redeem 1x Gift card per person.
  • You can purchase unlimited amount of Gift cards, as long as they are redeemed by different non-members.
  • Recipient must redeem Gift card, and subsequently start One Month Planet Fitness Membership, before January 31st.
  • Gift card is to be redeemed at only one of 3 Planet Fitness locations, either Lambton, Belmont or Charlestown.
  • Gift card expires one month after membership is started.
  • Gift card can not be sold or redeemed for cash.
  • Gift card can not be redeemed with any other offer.
  • No refunds available on Gift Cards after December 25th.
  • The Gift card purchaser must make the Gift card recipient aware of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Purchase of Gift card means automatically accepting these Terms and Conditions.
  • If recipient does not redeem Gift Card by January 31st there will be no refund.
  • Gift cards can only be purchased online via www.urth.dev.lancemontana.com.au or at one of 3 Planet Fitness locations: Lambton, Belmont or Charlestown.
  • This One Month Membership is for our current Fast Track membership, and recipient will be under Planet Fitness Code of Conduct and Terms of Conditions when they enter club and sign One Month Membership.

Bundle Specific Terms and Conditions:

  • Gift card recipient can only use 3x Spa passes and 3x Bring A Friend Passes. Any attempt made to use more than 3 times per pass will result in immediate membership dismissal with no refund.
  • Please note that if you selected XL or XXL Shirt, there is a current shipping delay that was out of our control, and they will be in stock soon. Your recipient’s name is on a list and will be contacted when the sizing is in.
  • You must pick up Bundle from one of 3 Planet Fitness Locations: Lambton, Belmont or Charlestown. There is no delivery. Pick up times are during the hours of staff operation at Planet Fitness locations.