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Why You Shouldn’t Stress About Gaining “Holiday Kilos”

It’s that time of year when gyms get quieter, and the thrill around the holiday season slowly grows larger. We’re all thinking about the impending Christmas parties, the family vacation we have booked, time we have off work and what delicious meals will fill our tables. To contrast with the existing...


Why Gyms Have Shifted The Focus To Wellness & Recovery

You know what they say – exercise is medicine. So then, if exercise is an endorphin-loaded natural remedy, then recovery is the means to embracing all the great benefits from that medicine. Recovery has been a buzz word in the health and fitness industry gaining more and more prevalence over the las...


How To Overcome Self-Imposed Barriers To Exercise

“I wish I could drop my body off at the gym and pick it up when it’s ready.” If you can relate to this quote, then you have a common mindset. If working out was easy, it wouldn’t have “work” in the name, right? There is a reason why even frequent gym goers cringe at the sound of doing burpees- becau...


Recognising a Local Hero

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Hero’? A stereotypical answer that your 10-year-old self would have agreed with would be Superman, but nowadays it’s easier to spot super qualities in everyday people. An attribute we could recognize in an everyday hero is the compassionate desire to h...


More Mental Than Physical: A New Era of Fitness

After 12 weeks apart, the reunion between gym’s and their members have been a special one. You can feel the positive vibrations of energy in the air. Gym goers are seeing familiar faces, keeping their social distance, wiping down equipment after use, and openly talking about the similar struggles we...